What do our clients have to say about the physical therapy services we provide and our staff? Well, we pride ourselves on our customer service and patient centered care, but you don't have to take our word for it. Here are what some of our clients had to say.

 “I was amazed at how quickly I regained strength and mobility in my arm and shoulder after a bike injury because I am over 55. The Physical Therapy Specialty Center is my main resource for injury-related pain!"

- P.A.

"The Physical Therapy Specialty Center has come to my rescue several times, giving me techniques to enable me to get up by myself from the floor, showing me ways to prevent tripping and falling, and assisted me in how to exit my car (with a very low seat). What a great feeling of independence!"

- M. A. G.

"The staff at The Physical Therapy Specialty Center are very friendly and caring. They strive to get everyone back to their best, regardless of age. Thank you for putting the "step" back in my walk!"

- C. C.

"I had been suffering with hip, leg, neck, and back pain for about 4 years now. I had tried chiropractics and orthopedic injections with very little help. I asked my primary doctor for a referral to physical therapy. When I started at The Physical Therapy Specialty Center I could not walk without terrible pain, Now, thanks to the exercises I was given and the hands on techniques that my therapist used, I am able to live a normal life with much less pain."

- B.R.

 "The physical therapy profession will transform society by optimizing movement for all people of all ages to improve human experience."

- American Physical Therapy Association Vision Statement

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