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Parkinson's Program

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What is The LSVT BIG?

It is a program designed to help people with Parkinson's disease move and function more normally. The program is a research based exercise program designed to get you moving better and improve your balance

What does the program include?

  • A 4 week program with 4 one hour sessions per week

  • A standardized evidence based protocol

  • High intensity sessions with one on one feedback

  • Daily homework practice

The Big facts about LSVT BIG

  • LSVT programs have been developed and scientifically researched over the past 20 years with funding from the National Institute of Health

  •  The program translates bigger movements into real-world, everyday activities

  •  LSVT BIG has documented improved scores on tests of motor function that include faster walking with bigger steps, improved balance, and increased trunk rotation

The Exercises

7 daily exercises and a functional component compose one treatment session. Exercises are performed with big movements, sustained holds, and high repetitions. Exercises are expected to be performed with energy and BIG effort; however, exercises may be modified by the therapist to match the patient’s abilities.

What should I expect?

  • A daily commitment to exercise 

  • Intense but tailored exercises to you as an individual  

  • Constant feedback from your LSVT BIG certified therapist to improve your quality of movement 

  • Improved balance, mobility, and function by the end of the program

When should I start treatment?

Patients typically notice the best results before severe symptoms begin; however, it is never too late to start. The sooner the treatment begins the easier it is to restore movement and have successful outcomes.

What About Insurance?

Given the required treatment frequency, monitoring your insurance coverage will be key to avoid unexpected charges. Our office staff will assist you by pre-authorizing treatment and tracking visits.

After Treatment

LSVT BIG is a life time commitment that will give you many more quality years of life. After your physical therapy ends, there are a few options to help you continue your exercises.​


    • A group exercise class that allows you to perform your exercises with feedback from a trained LSVT Clinician.


    • A DVD that allows you to follow an instructor right in your own home.

After completion of LSVT BIG it may also be helpful to schedule periodic follow ups for assessments and tune ups with your physical therapist.

Certified Clinician

Sampson, Laurel.jpg
Laurel Sampson, MPT

Laurel is trained and certified in LSVT BIG. She is looking forward to serving people who suffer with Parkinson’s

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For more information about LSVT BIG go to

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