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Nutrition for Pain Management


“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”     - Ann Wigmore

Nutrition assessment and education will be incorporated into your regular PT treatment session.  We will be providing the nutrition education along with therapeutic exercises, manual therapy, and other traditional treatments to maximize your potential to make progress with pain management. 


Chronic inflammation is one of the main root causes of anything from diabetes to Fibromyalgia to chronic pain.  Inflammation can stem from inadequate fruits, vegetables, fiber, healthy fats, vitamin and minerals as well as inactivity, stress, and poor sleep.


Pain management is most effective if treatment includes muscle movement (traditional PT) and postural correction as well as nutrition and stress management. 

Anti-Inflamatory Diet Suggestions:

By minimizing the thing below you can help decrease your inflammation

  • High sugar foods

  • High fat foods such as dairy and animal fats

  • Food allergens – if you have sensitivity to certain foods, it will trigger an immune reaction

  • Foods that promote bacterial overgrowth in the gut

    • Sugars, white flour, potatoes

  • Insufficient fiber

  • Insufficient phytonutrients

    • See Eat the Rainbow

  • Insufficient exercise and movement

  • Vitamin D deficiency

  • Fatty acid imbalance

    • More omega 6 from beef, processed meats etc. than omega 3 fatty acids from flax seed, fish, walnuts

  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency

  • Emotional stress, poor sleep

Promote healing with food


  • Provide the body with a way to fight cell damage and breakdown due to injuries and inflammation.

  • By adding antioxidants to your diet you are providing your body with a fuel source to fight  and rebuild the damaged cells.


Sources of Antioxidants:

Blueberries, strawberries, walnuts, pecans, coffee, cloves, artichokes, cranberry juice,  red wine, dark chocolate

Certified Clinicians

Albright, Tara.jpg
Tara Albright, DPT
Sampson, Laurel.jpg
Laurel Sampsone, MPT

Tara and Laurel are both certified in Functional Nutrition for Chronic Pain.  They both look forward to helping you feel better with a combination of

exercise, movement and nutrition.

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