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For the latest updates and recommendations for COVID-19 Primary Care Partners recommends the Mesa County Health website: Mesa County Public Health – Response and Recommendations to COVID-19

The Safety of Our Patients and Staff is our Top Priority - All of our staff who come into contact with patients wear masks (and other recommended personal protective equipment if necessary).

Other recommendations we follow to keep our patients safe include:

  • Employ strict hygiene guidelines and sanitation procedures for all contact surfaces and tools

  • We practice a minimum of 6 feet of separation when not directly performing service

  • Make accommodations for high-risk individuals or immunocompromised patients

  • Monitor all our employees daily by checking for a fever greater than 100 degrees Fahrenheit

  • Conduct a symptoms check on everyone before they enter our offices, including proper screening questions

  • Continue to conduct TeleHealth appointments when appropriate

  • Provide service by appointment only (no walk-ins or waiting)

  • Offer drive-up services including diabetic A1c checks, blood pressure checks, immunizations, and INR checks

  • Employ practices to keep any respiratory patients separated from all other patients. We have designated waiting areas for respiratory symptom patients and non-respiratory patients

Things you can do to improve your safety while coming in for your appointments:

  • Call our office to make an appointment prior to arriving for same-day services

  • Limit the use of elevators as much as possible. If elevators need to be used:

  • Avoid pushing buttons with bare hands (preferably, use elbows to push buttons)

  • Elevators should only be shared with family members and/or those in similar close relationships

  • Otherwise, only one person on the elevator at a time

  • Maintain physical distancing (six feet) in waiting areas

  • Wear face coverings or masks while in our offices

  • Avoid touching your face until you can wash your hands properly

  • Limit the number of family members attending an appointment


You can visit the Mesa County website for all the “Safer at Home” recommendations here: 

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