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Why Choose Physical Therapy?

October is National Physical Therapy Month and we want to celebrate by sharing a wonderful blog written by Logan Ellis, one of our amazing PT techs. He put together a great blog regarding the many reasons someone may choose physical therapy and the benefits of doing so. Check it out below!

There are a multitude of reasons why physical therapy is beneficial to patients, those wanting to strengthen areas of their body, and the general public. Physical Therapy can be used in place of much more invasive medical procedures and is safe for nearly all groups of people. Physical Therapy is also widely accessible, Physical Therapy can adapt to the needs of its patients, if advance support equipment is available, PT’s can use it, and if not they have the skill to match the patient where they are with the equipment available.

Physical Therapy is a great option as treatment for ailments because it's proven to reduce pain in patients. PT’s can employ a number of different tactics such as massage, stretching, electrical stimulation and more. Many patients feel very comfortable with PT as opposed to different approaches because it is personal, and can be relatively pain free.

Physical Therapy is also a good idea for patients that want to avoid surgery for issues that PT could address. Oftentimes surgery can be scary and expensive for patients, so PT can be an emotionally safer approach to healing their pain. Physical Therapy also allows for PT’s to build close relationships with their clients, which is key to having health provider-patient relationships.

Physical Therapy also provides a number of specialized routes for patients to choose the best way to care for them. There is Orthopedics, a type of PT involving treating bone and joints. Pediatric, focusing on young children, with issues like scoliosis. Additionally Geriatric, Oncological, and Women's Health Physical therapists have their own sections of the field.

Physical therapy is important because it offers a comprehensive, personalized, and effective approach to healing. PT’s are experts in how the body moves, in an article by Tim Fraticelli DPT, he states, “The human body is absolutely fascinating, and as a physical therapist, I feel privileged to be an expert on muscles, bones, joints and nerves. For many, Anatomy and Physiology are some of the hardest classes in PT school – but they are also the most fascinating. It’s amazing to think about how all the body systems relate and interact as we move, and how that relationship impacts our lives” (Fraticelli 2020). The author reiterates the reasons why PT is so important and successful. It changes how people move to better their mobility for the rest of their lives.

Choosing PT is an excellent choice for patients that are looking to have comprehensive treatment that addresses their whole body system while still getting specialized care. Physical Therapy should be made available for anyone who wants valuable care that prevents further degradation of their body system and have continual healing.

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