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Year 2021 in Review - Part 2

As we continue through December we continue with our blog recap for 2021. All of these blogs were written by our very own staff and it has been a group effort. We hope that you have found our blogs informative and useful. Below you will find the second half of the year in review for blogs.


Summer Safety

  • This blog focused on summer safety in various ways from checking your sporting equipment to surviving the summer heat

  • There are some really good tips on how to manage your exercise program in the heat, making sure that you layer and drinking lots of water

  • There is also a fair portion on how to best work back into summer activities with ease and safety.

Dance Therapy

  • This blog focused on how dance can be incorporated into several therapy settings and the various benefits of using dance with therapy.

  • Dance and music have shown both physical and cognitive benefits

  • One study showed that Dance therapy can decrease the risk of dementia more than many other physical activities that the older population participate in.


TKA (Total Knee Arthroplasty)

  • This blog was a very informative 3 part series centered around a Total knee replacement

  • Part 1 looked at what to expect during and after a total knee arthroplasty

  • Part 2 focused on physical therapy prior to surgery, which is better known as prehab and has some pretty substantial support for positive post-surgical outcomes

  • Part 3 focused on outcomes following a total knee replacement, what you can expect and how best to succeed following the surgery.

  • If you or a family member are looking at having a total knee replacement this blog is very helpful and should cover a lot of your questions and give you some good insight.


Chronic pain

  • This was a 2 part blog that covered a very broad topic, Chronic pain, and made it a much easier concept to understand

  • This blog discusses how often chronic pain is just the tip of the ice berg, but under that there is so much more that we cannot see.

  • Part 1 focused on the general topics of chronic pain and physical therapy and how it may be beneficial

  • Part 2 goes a lot more in-depth into the “fine-tuned” aspects of hoe PT can help chronic pain

  • If you know anyone struggling with chronic pain, this blog may be a great resource for both you and them to better understand what chronic pain is and how physical therapy can help.


Cervicogenic headaches

  • Headaches are something that plague all people at some point or another in their life, but there are several different types of headaches

  • This blog explains a very common headache type known as cervicogenic headaches, which are a headache of musculoskeletal origin (i.e. a headache who’s root cause is tight muscles)

  • Often people refer to headaches or migraines and think there is nothing they can do about them, but physical therapy has been shown to be very beneficial.

  • For more information on this please check it out.

Foot Orthotics

  • This blog takes a look at the various options for foot orthotics and how physical therapy may be able to help.

  • It is a little known fact that physical therapist can design or assist in the making of supportive orthotics to help with various foot and lower extremity pain, including even back pain.

  • We have several therapist who can make these orthotics for you. For more information check out the blog we posted in late October.


Snowboard and Ski Fitting

  • Everyone is gearing up for their favorite winter sporting activities and if skiing or snowboarding are your sport of choice but you are not sure you are using the proper gear this is the blog for you.

  • This gives a great overview of proper gear fitting for both sports.

  • If you are needing more specific advice contact your physical therapy or us and see if we can help, or take a look at the blog because it is pretty thorough and may just answer your burning questions.

Winter Injury prevention

  • From shopping to decorating to enjoying your favorite winter sports this blog covers it all.

  • This blog is full of tips and tricks to avoiding the pains in the neck or back that seem to come with this festive season.

  • Check it out and see how you can prevent injuries this holiday season

So there you have it, our 2021 blog year in review. We hope you have enjoyed it and also learned a thing or two. To stay up to date on blogs and current clinic happenings be sure you subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook so that you don’t miss any of the new information coming in 2022. HAPPY NEW YEAR OF BLOGS!!!

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